The Influence Of My Self-Concept

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Knowing oneself, knowing what is unique about us and what we share with others, is essential in building a stronger self-worth. It helps us observe ourselves as others do. You can identify yourself both physically and socially. Physically being your physical features while socially includes your traits, values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. I define my self-concept through my characteristics such as dedication, procrastination, believing in God, valuing relationships, and generous behaviors and attitudes. I have strong as well as weak characters that affect my self-concept. My strongest characters are dedication and being strategic towards achieving the goals I set to accomplish. In the process, I learned that I am relentless I would…show more content…
I have a tough attitude towards spreading a written rule of law and a constructed government. I believe that it can potentially change a person’s life individually and collectively. Since I lived under a corrupted government, I have a strong having stronger government that works for, by, and to the people. Almost all African countries face a corrupted government, and most of the people cannot make any change. It became brighter for me after I moved to the U.S. In Ethiopia, people do not talk about politics freely due to fear for getting under the government radar. This is even for the educated people, but the others, the larger population, are filled with propaganda. They do not believe that there can be a better government since they have not seen better unless it was history. I think people need to be educated through uncensored media and know the truth. This attitude makes me feel like I have a responsibility to share what I know and make change. In addition to attitude, behavior also enhances my self-concept. Of many other behaviors, my behavior to helping people stands out to me. There is a certain type of satisfaction that I get from helping someone. There are times where I might not be in a good mood, but most of the time if someone asks me to help them, I would be happy to help. Last summer I worked with Teen Connect, a program where we assist older citizens with any type of technology. Older people are very difficulty to work with. They can annoy you by repeating the same questions. For instance, an old lady came to get help on returning a weave someone bought her online. She kept asking us to return it even though we told her that it was not refundable, but we reached out to the company, explained the situation, and they were decent enough to send her another one. However, I enjoy seeing them satisfied at the
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