Self Esteem Concept

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The concept that each one of us has of itself is who we really are in the eyes of the world. Our strengths, weaknesses and way of dealing with life are values that show your true face. Knowing our own being helps to achieve great goals; However, when you have no idea who you really are, you are in serious trouble, this phenomenon will invite you to the eternal failure and deterioration of your own self, without achieving your goals. This research is carried out with the idea of exposing the general concept of self-esteem, knowing some rules or tips that help the development and, finally, its importance for life and society.
Willoughby wrote "Self-esteem is defined as the global value that one places upon itself as a person and the generalized
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Every meaningful word, experience or attitude will leave a mark on our skin that changes over time, you are acquiring new patterns that will help the development of self-esteem. At the level of consciousness all this sounds logical, but we must bear in mind that there are always unconscious factors that also determine our behavior and have been acquired in the same way you are going to form your own personality, attitudes and values that bring insecurity instead of trust, or frustration rather than victories. Jordan, C Hywel wrote in the article "safe and defensive types of high self-esteem" that there are several differences between high and low self-esteem, linked to patterns of the environment in which the person…show more content…
Self-esteem is the way in which we accept our own being, it is a dynamic cognitive-affective process of differentiation, integration, organization and consolidation of the human being in contact with the world through which expresses your personality and it is closely related to the surrounding environment, family, society and community. The experience gained during life gives an idea of how your inner self is. Failures, successes, fears, insecurities, pleasures, disgusts, punishments or triumphs reveal who you are and your level of self-esteem. Knowing your own self, you will know where you can go, and what goals you can reach.The American philosopher Wayne Dyer wrote, "If you believe completely in yourself, there will be nothing beyond your
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