Self-Confidence And Self Confidence

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Have you ever heard someone saying, you have to build your self confidence? Well trust me that is one of the most understatement of feedbacks that you have ever heard. Self Confidence is an essential virtue that everyone must have. Self Confidence provides us with one of the major psychological traits that helps us in our endeavors to accomplish what we want in our lives, that is believing yourself ;call it securing high earning jobs, marrying your high school sweet heart, being the leader you want to be in your community so for and so forth. So what really is self-confidence, what is its difference with self efficacy and self esteem? How can someone develop self confidence & become self-confident enough? Or how can someone strengthen his/her…show more content…
Of course, given that we have multiple selves, our evaluation of self might well differ from area to area. The three major areas in which people tend to evaluate the self are: appearance, general performance and social interactions. We tend to make comparisons between ourselves and others in each of these areas. We all have a sense of our own abilities, both generally and about specific and, perhaps, very detailed matters. This sense gives us a belief about how effective we are. And it is true to say that the higher your self-efficacy, and then the better you are likely to do in general or with respect to the particular matters at hand. Again, it is upbringing that is crucial to the degree of self-efficacy that an individual experiences. Upbringing that emphasizes success rather than failure is more likely to lead to a greater sense of self-efficacy. (Strongman,…show more content…
Based on your assessment conclude your stand as to how you are confident or not. If your evaluation about yourself is that you are not self-confident then move on with the next steps and if your assessment provides you with the response that you are self-confident still go through with them to strengthens your confidence

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