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This essay is an analysis of the speech, The Skill of Self Confidence, given by Dr. Ivan Joseph in 2012. Included in this essay is a description of two of the three main parts of the speech and an analysis of the delivery style. First, the introduction and the four basic things one expects to hear in an introduction; second, a description of the conclusion and the three basic things one expects to hear in a conclusion; and finally, a description of the delivery style of the speaker, Dr. Ivan Joseph, focusing on verbal qualities and nonverbal behaviors. There are four basic things that should be included in the introduction of a speech. They are, first, gaining the attention of the audience, second, stating the topic and motivating the audience…show more content…
The story introduced the idea of self-confidence as being a skill that can be learned. Throughout the speech, he told stories that were either based off his own experience or were relevant to the information he was presenting, referred to the previous speaker’s speeches, incorporated analogies, and added humor to retain the audience’s attention. All these terms are techniques that proficient speakers use to gain and then hold their audience’s attention. Dr. Ivan Joseph presented the topic with his opening story and then motivated the audience to listen by offering tips on how to build one’s own self confidence and how to help others’ self-confidence grow. During the speech, Dr. Joseph established credibility by sharing real life stories that he had experienced and by…show more content…
Throughout the speech, Dr. Ivan Joseph spoke in an appropriate volume based on the size and acoustics of the room, the size of the audience, and the amount of background noise. Furthermore, the rate or pacing of his speech, which varied from the topics or stories that he shared, emphasized the main points very well. For instance, when he spoke about repetition his pace was slower than when he spoke about his son’s interpretation of making a goal. One might say that Dr. Ivan Joseph’s voice inflections was what held the listeners attention so well. Whenever Dr. Joseph was telling a story, his pitch and tone would vary from one character’s response to another. Furthermore, the use of pauses was well done and were appropriately placed to either bring attention to or emphasize certain points that were being made. Although Dr. Joseph did use vocalized pauses about three times, they were not overly noticeable. Generally, he used “um” when moving from one story to another. During the speech, Dr. Joseph’s pronunciation was clear and correct and he used good articulation. Only when he got excited did his articulation become less clear and concise. Dr. Joseph maintained excellent eye contact with the audience throughout the entire speech; he appeared very much in control of the situation. He connected with the audience and therefore held their attention the complete duration of his speech. Not only did Dr.

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