Quicksand Analysis

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The Influence from The White for Failure of Construction of African American female’s Self-consciousness and Social Statue in Quicksand African American women start to build the idea of self-consciousness through two ideas. The first is they are black and the second one is they are women. The White has bias on the black after Atlantic Triangle Trade. They trade the black as goods. The group of women is treated differently from man, which is a long-term stereotype existing in both western and eastern society. According to the author’s own experience, she shows her feelings and actions through the protagonist. To both building the self-consciousness and social statue in the society, the African American female needs to face more problems that…show more content…
Depending on the Naxos College, the black build a black community. As an apparent anagram of Saxon, it succeeds the Anglo-Saxon’s worship and every aspect of life to conform to the white culture. Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City and proud of it own special idea that is excluding all the Anglo-Saxon things. It is a cultural and commercial center for African Americans who are led by a group of so-called black elites. However, Carby mentions that “Harlem intellectuals were criticized for two major acts of hypocrisy; their announced hatred of white people and deprecation of any contact with white society while imitating their clothes, manners, and ways of life, and the proclamation of the undiluted good of all things Negro which disguised a disdain, contempt, and amusement for the majority of black people” (Carby, 1978). In a sentence, the black communities are always influenced by the Anglo-Saxon cultural…show more content…
Larsen elaborately depicts the Helga’s clothes and connect them to identity and race. The white culture asks that white graceful women wear only simple but elegant colors that will not “offend” people’s eyes. On the contrary, black women wearing bright color of clothing arouses the attention of the man, which indicates low sense of morality. Therefore, bright color is equal to immorality. African American women are deprived of the choice to wear as they please under the influence of the white culture. Because the white refuses the black’s individualism and innovation, Naxos reinforces conformity, emphasizes “ancestry and connections”, and embraces all the white ideology on every level (Larsen 1986). The African American, therefore, needs to follow the inhibitive rules on clothing, which indicates they are fear to be taken as out of the rage of the white
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