Essay On The Influence Of Self-Control On Academic Performance

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Academic performance can influence the future education and career choices of college students. Poor academic performance causes students to feel pessimistic and disappointed about their future and leads to teachers and parents to exert pressure, which negatively influences the subjective well-being of students. So this three variables are interrelated.
Self- control relate to peer pressure an individual real effort task in which subjects could commit themselves to a particular level of performance while being tempted by an alternative recreational activity. So academic performance affected by self-control. Self- control also effects subjective wellbeing. Well-being more important to college students in staying hostel especially both males and females. Peer pressure sometimes negatively influence especially boys because they their friendship is negatively affected that drug abuse ,i.e their parents not their attaching which type of friendship good or bad and regularly practicing self-control can improve capacity of self-control . Academic achievement and subjective well-being play a major role in people’s lives. Academic achievement is
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When individual’s succeed at exerting Self –control,we assume that they possess some positive internal characteristics that explains their success. Similarly when individuals do not succeed ,we blame their failure on an internal flaw. The predominant view of self-control has been as a personality characteristics. Self-control influenced by main factors are collectivism , individualism ,religiosity ,society ,better health, closer relationship/interpersonal relationship, adjustment ,impulse control, temperament ,parental factors such as socialization, attachment, warmth. Demographic factors such as neighborhood safety and socioeconomic status. The environmental factors are society, parental factors, relationships, individual well-being and other related

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