Self Control In The Marshmallow Test

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The book The Marshmallow test by Walter Mischel is all about how self-control is the most important thing in society. It really is the engine of success after reading this book. Many people would say a lot of things that are more important to be taught in schools like art and sports, but in my opinion I think how to have self-control is way more important because it teaches kids how to be responsible at a very young age. This book goes into the phycology behind self-control. I was interested in this book for many reasons but the main one is that I had a hard time trying to get stuff done on time because I had no self-control, this book opens eyes. But some key points to watch out for though out the paper is a detailed summary of the book, more detail on how this has affected my life and also what are Walter Mischels credentials to be writing this book. The Marshmallow Test was an experiment by Walter Mischel in the late 1960’s and it was all about self-control in kids. He thought that self-control was a predictor of how well these kids would do in life, if they didn’t have any self-control in the experiment then they would hypothetically do worse than the kids who showed self-control in the experiment. The experiment was if you sat a kid down in a room which he called the surprise room and placed a marshmallow in front of them, well it could be anything that the child enjoyed, and told them that they could have that one right now or wait and they could have two of what
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