Self Control In The Workplace

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Modern life is full of deadlines, frustration, demands which lead to stress. The word “stress” refers to deviation from normal state to unplanned or improperly designed system results failures in accomplishing goals. Stress is defined in terms of its physical and physiological effects cause tension, pressure or negative emotions such as anxiety and anger. Stress is common among every individual. Stress is not always bad when working properly it help to perform well even under pressure, motivates and helps to meet challenges. Stress can play a positive role in workplace by increasing the attentiveness of the staff and activating their capacities (Hans selye 1974). But too much of stress can be harmful it will increase blood pressure, cause anxiety,…show more content…
Self control is a sign of inner strength defined as a set of cognitive and behavioral strategies used by the individuals to actively guide their goal directed activities over time and across changing environment (Frayne&Geringer 2000). (Tangney, Baumeister & Boone 2004) define self control as a capacity to override a particular response to align with another is associated with a variety of positive outcome. Self control help to increase student academic performance. (Tittle& Botchkovar 2005) Individual can have some level of control in their behavior through their consequences of action. Many researchers found that parents who teach their children about self control can see more benefits in them throughout their working life. Self control among the student reduced when parents do not perform their parenting task like emotional attachment, monitoring of behavior and analyzing of behavior (Gottfedson&Hirschis 1990). Self control is not stable it get increase with age (Mitchell&Mackenzie 2006). Self control also helps to manage motivational conflicts (Baumeister&Vohs 2007). By demonstrating the benefits of self control will help the students to increase their self control. (Denson et al 2011) stated that doing unrelated self control tasks for e.g. encourage students to use non dominant hand to complete everyday task such as brushing teeth this simple exercise increase self control among the students and helps to reduce aggression. (Corno&Mandinach 2004) stated that student with more self control can do better in the classroom because they can be able to regulate their attention, emotion and behavior. Self control among the students affected due to mental exhaustion and stress. Students will tend to be more insensitive, risk seeking, short sighted and have difficulty in controlling their immediate gratification if they have less self control behavior (Hirschi 2004). (William 2007) claims that individual
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