Self Critical Perfectionism

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Stress, anxiety, and depression diagnoses are on the rise all over the world, and self-critical people are under more stress than ever before, thanks to the latest efforts by companies to stay competitive. This paper will define these three disorders, discuss the differences and the similarities between them, and discuss ways to help relieve the symptoms of each of them. It will also discuss self-critical perfectionism, and how it is related to stress, anxiety and depression. The writer will reflect on personal experiences with all four subjects, and show how accurately the research is a direct reflection of his life, and personal experiences. This paper will also discuss the impact of these disorders on children. These are not disorders found…show more content…
Self-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism, and other-oriented perfectionism. Their study also ties the stress of self- critical perfectionism directly to many types of negative behaviors and disorders. Some of these behaviors and disorders such as low self- esteem and procrastination are serious, but not considered to be detrimental to an individual, whereas much more serious problems such as alcoholism, depression, and personality disorders have been associated with perfectionism and can be devastating to a person’s health and way of life (Hewitt & Flett,…show more content…
There are ways to treat these disorders, including exercise, meditation, therapy, and pharmaceuticals. The study by Akram and his associates, found a connection between these three disorders and insomnia, therefore, they concluded treating insomnia would also help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Relieving the symptoms of these disorders, according to the study, also helped people with self-critical perfectionism. The results of the study concluded, people who had sufficient sleep and rest, were more able to handle the activities and hurdles of everyday life (Akram, Ellis, & Barclay, 2015). Some treatments for insomnia include exercise, regular sleep schedule, acupuncture, yoga, and avoiding caffeinated food and drinks before bed. Other recommendations include reducing the amount of light in the bedroom, eliminate noise such as a television or radio, and make sure you sleep in a comfortable bed (Passarella & Duong,

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