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For your final self-critique, watch your recording and again address the questions asked in previous self-critiques. In addition, reflect on how you’ve improved over the semester. Submit the self-critique to the dropbox by the due date.

1. Did you accomplish the goals for this speech that you set for yourself after your previous speech(es)? I accomplished some of the goals that I set for myself after the third speech. I improved on my body language and limited the distracting movements. I also did better with my introduction. I started off much more confident than I did in the previous speeches.
2. What were your strengths in the following areas? a. content: I believe my strength in content was my topic choice. Helen Keller is
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visual aids: I believe my visual aid was pretty effective in illustrating Helen Keller’s life. The pictures allowed my audience to visualize the main points I was talking about and see Helen Keller in some of the major events of her life.
3. What were your weaknesses in the following areas? a. content: In this speech my weakness in content was my supporting material. I included many of Helen’s achievements but I could have talked about her in a more personal note. Such as who she was as a person or what her feelings were at the time. I felt like my classmates that included this type of information in their speech had a more interesting and stronger speech. b. organization: My weakness in organization was my conclusion. Towards the end of the speech I began to rush and speak much faster because I was nervous. This took away from the strong finish and the impact that I left on the audience. c. delivery: For this speech my weakness in delivery was with my vocal variety. My voice doesn’t really change much throughout the speech. I did not sound conversational which made my speech somewhat dull. I could have kept the audience more interested if I had a conversational
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As a result, I was also to improve my delivery as I progressed through the different speeches. During the first speech I only stared at one area of the room and didn’t make eye contact with the entire audience. Throughout the semester I got much better at making eye contact with each person in the audience several times, so it appeared that I was speaking to every person in the audience. I also cut down on the distracting movements that were often due to nerves. In future speaking situations I need to improve on my vocal variety and energy to make my speeches stronger in the future. If I had more energy in my speeches, I will be able to leave a more lasting impact on my audience and bring more significance to my topic

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