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Stop. Listen. Who do you hear whom do you feel. Is there something calling to you can you not hear its song: but no this cannot be for how can a tree, a rock, or the coldness of the air sing a song to you. When you are struck down by a disease, is that not your soul singing to you, when you bite into a juicy red apple does not that apple sing to your body. All things sing songs of joy and sorrow the songs of joy bring happiness and pleasure and the songs of sorrow bring wisdom and learning, so stop and listen, do not resist, do not run away. Listen to the mosquito buzzing in your ear, the tree swaying gently in the breeze and the songs of hot and cold. As a tear drips from your eye it sings its song of sorrow, as a smile comes to your lips…show more content…
Yet this process is interwoven in a complex network of conscious, unconscious, and subconscious processes that cross over from awakened awareness to dreams and instincts so that we are unaware of how Self manipulates our awareness. Self is a parasitical awareness that has developed beyond the biological impulse, a psychological awareness that has come to define our species and become the blueprint for being human. Self’s level of conscious comprehension is directed by three unconscious deceits: Selfishness, Selflessness, and Self-realization. Self interacts with and responds to these Self-deceits through a system of instinctual impulses that in turn produce our surface Self-conscious, reflective awareness (ego). (These Self-deceits can be viewed as ego-related or unconscious motivational impulses that are a fundamental part of the individual’s character or…show more content…
These Major chakras span the full spectrum of man's awareness from the unrefined base desires to the subtle intellect and into states of spiritual wakefulness. The major chakras are psychological, physiological as well as spiritual centers, were as the minor chakras are physiological; and are interlinked via the nadi system (meaning network of tubes or pipes). These minor chakras can be likened to the nervous system and in a similar way the nadi emerge from each chakra carrying Prana in both directions as there is a forward and backward pranic motion in the nadi. The outgoing communications and the incoming reactions enter and leave the minor chakras in the form of this pranic flow into the corresponding nadi. There are seven major chakras in the human body which are indirectly connected with the autonomic nervous system, which can have a secondary effect on other systems as they are all interconnected and dependent on one another. There have been attempts to directly link the major chakras with the endocrine system, but this does not quit fit and it seems a better fit to link it with the Chiropractic connections within the autonomic

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