Self Deception In The True Story Of Ah Q

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In the novella “The True Story of Ah Q” written by Lu Xun in 1921, the main character Ah Q is well known for his spiritual victories. For instance, Ah Q was able to changed defeat into victory by slapping his own face. Through this, he believed that he had beaten someone else and would become satisfied that he had gained the victory. This is evident that Ah Q is deceiving himself into believing the contrary, such behaviour is termed self-deception. Before we can begin analysing whether self-deception is achievable, we have to first know what self-deception is. For decades, self-deception has been a topic that has captured the interest of philosopher, psychologist and scientist and has long been a topic of speculation. There is no doubt that the topic itself is an interdisciplinary problem. It is not just lying or faking yourself, but is deeper and more complicated than that. Psychologist believes that it involves strong psychological forces that keep us from acknowledging a threatening truth about ourselves. On the other hand, philosophers see self-deception as maintenance of a belief despite having evidence that suggest otherwise; prompted by desires or emotions favouring the retention of the false belief. Since many aspect of the current discussions is a matter of controversy. To reduce the complexity of self-deception in this essay, we will subscribe to the definition of self-deception use by philosophers. To put it simply, self-deceivers intentionally get themselves to

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