Self Defense Against Gun Control

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The term “assault rifle” was believed to be coined by the one and only notorious Adolf Hitler. Towards the end of World War II, he is believed to have invented the name based on the German word Sturmgewehr, which means “storm” or “assault.” Before machine guns were invented, soldiers stood in rows and shot at their enemy in synchronization. This method of fighting was deemed ineffective because of their low range, speed, and accuracy. Because of this, inventors started to create different versions of these weapons, making alterations to the gun’s ammunition supply, loading style, and bullet type. It is from these weapons that today’s semi-automatic rifle was born (Williams). These guns have been the topic of controversy for many years because…show more content…
Many agree that this is a solid justification for less gun control. However, many studies say differently; having a gun in a home does not make the household more safe. Studies done by the University of California show how people with a gun in their house are three times as likely to commit suicide rather than people without a gun. Also, Americans that have guns in their home are ninety percent more likely to die from murder, according to the American Journal of Epidemiology (“The Truth”). Another fact is that a person is more susceptible to injury or harm when there is a gun in the household. Multiple studies conclude a person is also more likely to use a gun in an escalating situation rather than for protection. Guns kept in a household are much more often used to threaten someone than to defend oneself. This study was conducted by Harvard Injury Control Research Center by using data from a random number national survey. Another study by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center reported that the most self defense gun uses are illegal, even if the defendant had a license and described the event honestly. This is basically stating that the majority of self defense uses with guns are for escalated arguments. People often say having guns in the house is best to protect themselves from harm, but more than likely, the person trying to harm them is their spouse or significant other (“Gun Threats”). However, when self defense is used, it is more often than than not ineffective. The National Crime Victimization Surveys display little evidence that defending oneself with guns is helpful in reducing the likelihood of injury or death. It also concluded that victims using a gun to defend themselves were not less likely to be injured than victims who defend themselves in other ways (“Gun Threats”). In the rare case that a person does use a gun in self defense, it is often futile. The self

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