Self Defense In The Rainmaker

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As mentioned before regarding the movie “The Rainmaker,” we take on the part of a defence lawyer who has to defend Rudy Baylor, a lawyer who just graduated from law school. The case regards self defence against Kelly Riker’s husband who tried attacking him because of jealousy. Secondly, we defend Kelly Riker, who’s a battered wife that wasn’t capable of leaving her abusive relationship from being frightened of being killed. The reason we defend her is that she took the blame upon her for the killing of her husband to safe Rudy Baylor.

As a defence lawyer, from the facts, drowned out from Rudy Baylor’s self-response, one must identify its reactions as self defence and not be found guilty. We can conclude its reaction by determining the act committed against Kelly Riker’s husband was reasonable, and the court or jury should weight in the circumstances from previous situations.

Rudy Baylor was communicating with Kelly Riker regarding his previous win about the bankruptcy of the insurance company. Following a few minutes later, Kelly Riker’s husband came knocking aggressively at the door. When Kelly Riker decided to open the door, her husband had the intention of hurting her for being with Rudy Baylor and had planned out of taking her away. Due to the escalation of the situation, Rudy Baylor decided to defend Kelly Riker which is when her husband used a bat to attack him which resulted in Rudy being hurt. Therefore, Kelly Riker decided to assist Rudy Baylor because she
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