Self Defense Of Reverse Oppression

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Oppression is a very serious issue with growing discourse. As time progresses, the way people are treated and the opinions they hold change. When the rights of a group of people change, it makes other people feel as though they’re missing out on chances those people are given access to. While this may be accurate in rare cases, it is difficult to argue strongly on the side of the people who have been, and still are, in positions of power. Discrimination is an entirely different realm than systematic oppression, and people who are in these positions of power would definitely never been able to experience these things. Something I find to be thought-provoking is that most of the people who claim they are facing “reverse oppression” are Southern,…show more content…
It has been in the news countless times in the past few years that a young black man, a young black woman, a young black child being murdered by the police or civilians who have not right to shoot people and getting away with it with no trouble. It is easy to claim self defense when there is the widespread notion that black people are dangerous thugs, and that all black people are “racist” toward white people. When white people recount how they defended themselves, such as in the case of Mike Brown being described by his murderer as an evil, aggressive, Hulk Hogan-like demon (Officer Darren Wilson’s Grand Jury Testimony in Ferguson, Mo., Shooting), it is easy to say that yes, they were justified in defending themselves. But black people are not demons, they are not evil, and when someone is half an inch taller than you and, as it is widely accepted, is not attacking you, you have no right to compare him to Hulk…show more content…
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