Self Destruction In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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A controlling, dehumanizing, and suffocating dystopian world known as Gilead. In this world of The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood Where we accompany Offred also known as the author. While you see offred struggle in this dystopian like setting you learn more about how ignorance affects one 's life. Through the story we gain more knowledge of the different people that fall victim to they own sense of honor. While you see the mistakes made by different people and the shielding of hiding from reality that is apparent in the novel. In the noval you can see how blind ignorance leads to one’s self destruction. In the novel you see that ignorance is disrupting the Narrator 's decision making and her grasp on the pass. Luke and Offred try to escape at the last minute when they were too ignorant to leave the country earlier. In one of the flashback section the author remembers a time where they should have escaped but reassured by just saying “It will all be fine.” There situation was looking really bad and they both know what was coming, while all this happened they didn’t do anything. Concludently Their benighted realization of the urgency of their situation made them an attempted of a last minute escape imposible. In conclusion to this her ignorance to graph her past seems to get in her way. She seems to worry about her past instead of looking at the future, “...Day by day, night by night he recedes, and i become more faithless,”(Atwood p.261-262). Here a wall is built
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