Self Determination Theory

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This paper is an analysis of two interviewees , a male and a female both in the working population carrying out full-time jobs.The name of the male interviewee is Mahesh Aidaswani who has been working as a director in a business firm for over 20 years. The name of the female interviewee is Lavina Aidaswani who just entered the workforce less than a year back and is working as a corporate social responsibility assistant. The purpose of carrying out the interviews was to find out their motivation types and their outcomes at the workplace conforming with the self-determination theory. There were two different findings between the two interviewees. The following are their findings Lavina belongs to the motivation type of externally regulated.…show more content…
However if he doesn 't work for long in the long term he feels a bit uneasy and usually when he 's idle he may do some office work. And when asked if he 'd mind to work during the weekend , with a positive response he said he wouldn 't mind and would be happy to do som This shows that his work means a lot to him and he is devoted to his work and is happy with his work concluding that his job well –being is engagement. Again conforming to the predictions of the self –determination…show more content…
To prevent distress, there are namely primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention. The following are the elaboration on how one can prevent distress by using the above 3 methods. To begin with primary prevention, one can cope with their stress by setting themselves a timetable and a timeframe. They can make themselves a timetable to let them divide their time properly as in time for work, family , friends and personal time. This will allow them to spend their time well and they can lead a balanced life. One can use secondary prevention to prevent stress by doing yoga,meditation and eating well. Yoga is a simple and easy exercise which focuses on calming the body and relaxing the mind. Yoga has been proved to be a good mean of kicking stress as yoga brings complete peace of mind to a person and that helps the person to refresh their mind.Hence allowing the person to feel psychologically well and not let stress take over their mind.Meditation is somewhat similar to yoga but it only exercises the mind which gives the person a calm mood and also clears the mind which helps to kill the stress and eliminate the worries allowing them to free their minds from stress. Nutrition intake can also help prevent stress because a proper diet can counterbalance the impact of stress by making the immune system stronger and stabilising the mood. Intake of complex carbohydrates can reduce stress by stabilising the blood pressure. Intake of omega 3 fatty acids

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