Self Determination Theory In Romantic Relationships

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What are the things people want/expect/desire to experience fulfillment in their romantic relationships? Is there any difference in the need fulfillment of those who continue in romantic relationships versus/as compared to those who do not (break up)? How do males differ from females in what they regard as important? Is there any difference between the sexes in the (frequency of) fulfillment of such expectations? Is there any difference in various aspects of need fulfillment (like expectations, perceived frequency, and the resultant of an interplay between both) between those who break up and those who do not? We posit that those who break up do so because/ when their partner fails to meet certain needs which are regarded as important and personally meaningful. We posit that individuals who experience low levels of need fulfillment in specific needs, dissolve their romantic relationships. But, the important question is which are those little things that matter- that play a greater role and further lead to/ increase likelihood of break up of a relationship. The present article examines the role and interplay of needs regarded as personally important (valued as meaningful) and the perceived fulfillment of such expectations/preferences from partner in romantic relationship in determining outcome of romantic relationships. The current research integrates principles from self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 1991) and Equity theory to answer this question. We adopt this

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