Self Development And Self Esteem

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Despite the culture, every society holds prevalent cultural predictors of self development and self esteem. In a study of one hundred and seventy four Chinese American male and one hundred and seventy nine Chinese American female college students in the San Francisco Bay Area, specific domains of cultural orientation such as language, social affiliation, and cultural pride was explored and its findings conclude how all domains are related to self esteem. A General Ethnicity Questionnaire was completed by the students resulting in findings that included that those students who were proficient in English as well as their native language, Chinese, and held high pride in their Chinese culture were positively correlated with self esteem. However,…show more content…
As we develop, we gain or lose self esteem depending on certain factors that affect us. In fact self esteem is an essential part of our lives that help build a solid foundation with coping in life. Unfortunately, our culture tends to shape our self from a very early age, whether are aware of it or not. During the time children start school, children are exposed to a whole new environment during this time in their development. In fact, school and education can affect a child's self esteem. During this period, self esteem consists of how well children learn new tasks, how they look or appear to their peers, how they can make friends with the other children as well as how well they are at sports. This is the primary time in which children start to feel about themselves that exceeds that their bodies and minds are their own and for the first time, they are away from their home and their parents. Such factors alone can affect a young child's self esteem when first having to be away from their home and their parents. Other related stressors include having problems at school such as not being able to do their homework, having a learning disability, or any type of academic failure can certainly affect their self esteem. Hence, lead to other complications such as affecting their social life. Although losing a sport or failing a mathematics test may not ultimately result in affecting a child's self esteem, however, an ongoing pattern of this failure over time without support may certainly affect a child's sense of self. As mentioned previously, we all want to feel accepted especially by the ones we love most such as our parents and significant others. In fact, this feeling of wanting to be accepted begins when we are very young and young children need supporting adults such as their parents and teachers, regardless of their past
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