Self-Directed Learners

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1. Describe the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner? The Essential Aspects of a Self-directed Learner Self-directed learners see the ways they approach in learning as one of the opportunities to pursue the work flows intrinsically and extrinsically. Such motivations and rewards given by themselves create in- · Understanding in their capabilities and responsibilities · Realizing in their own abilities and skills · Finding and implementing solutions, being flexible in managing time and plans effectively · Being attentive to learn and change intrinsically and extrinsically. The Essential Aspects of an Intrinsically Motivated Learner Learning new is an interesting excitement…show more content…
I will form a habit to regulate my activity on study-time and draw out a better plan so that I could avoid last minute management. B. I will always encourage myself in pushing hard to be more attentive and believe in myself as capable. C. I will also form habits of reading books every night before I go to bed so that the ideas and concepts of knowledge will circulate my thoughts more to be more creative. D. I always evaluate myself on the success of my personal growth plan and it is not enough. So I will spread and walk out of the zones even further to find relationships with success and pleasure. E. I will finally draw out plans and my ambitions to create from imagination into reality and hold myself accountable and reasonable to implement on so that I would be able to be of a service in my community. 4. How will you evaluate yourself on the success of your personal growth and how will you hold yourself accountable? I will evaluate myself on the success of my personal growth by taking accountable steps to my activities in order to complete successfully and by giving time to reflect on what I have learned each and every day. I will take advantage of my personal growth and intrinsic motivation to seek knowledge and experiences all the time, making commitment on how much I have learned so that I feel ready to deploy myself useful into the fields of education, careers and
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