Self Discipline In Sports

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allowing them to deal more effectively with the challenges of sport, including setbacks and injury. Self-discipline lends itself well to academic focus, helping to banish procrastination. The discipline taught by student-athletes to themselves in training becomes a habit and is applicable inside the classroom and when studying at home. The best student-athletes are also versatile, with an ability to improvise when things don't go to plan. Having a physically fit body incorporates it to thinking clearly as fast and as precise and can be of an advantage to the circumstances that constantly change in terms of academics. Student-athletes may also be better communicators and team players. A common practice in sports, particularly in team sports…show more content…
It will ensure that all individuals achieve “physical literacy” and are well-grounded in basic movement skills and patterns, enabling a life-long enjoyment of sporting activities. This goes the same for an academic institution but it is modified and reduced because it is not the main purpose of universities even if it is a good thing for them and for the students. Student-athlete recruitment in the Tertiary education has become a fiercely competitive market throughout the years. It is paramount to being able to identify the factors which directly or indirectly influence a potential recruit's decision as to whether or not to attend the tertiary institution he/she is aiming for. Thus, a sustainable and effective recruitment strategy must be ensured for the tertiary institution be able to recruit the highest caliber…show more content…
While the different universities also sell themselves to be more attractive to the recruits and possibly get them to play for their schools. One of the institutional factors that play a role for college recruits is the role of admissions and other services offered to students (Brietbach, 2007). Other services included to the institutional commitment are providing academic support to student athletes and maintaining a consistency amongst their coaches and the administration (Brietbach, 2007) Typical student athlete packages include full athletic scholarship, consisting of accommodation, books, tuition and fees, in addition to application fees and aided admissions process. Assuring the recruit in having stable administration is another motivational factor during recruitment, as it’s proven to make the recruit feel more comfortable with their college decision (Brietbach,

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