Self Discipline: The Key To Success

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Have you ever wondered how other people seem to achieve more but yet you work just as hard?

Have you ever wondered how others seem to be more successful and you know that you are just as intelligent, just as capable but yet for some reason you aren 't doing as well?

There could be one key ingredient that you are missing to achieving your goals. It is an ingredient that is often taken for granted and overlooked because it is so simple and that is "self discipline".

What is self discipline?

It is the ability to do what you should do when you should do it whether you feel like it or not.

This is a quality you need to posses while on your journey to reaching your destination. Without it, you will struggle in reaching your goal.

What has been
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It is not our fault. We are all human and they are our weaknesses. We need to be disciplined enough to see past that and aim for RESULTS... otherwise all you have left are REASONS.

The good news is you can achieve almost any goal you set for yourself if you have self discipline. The even better news is self discipline can be learned.

If self discipline is the key to success then the lack of self discipline is the key to failure.

Why are habits important to achieving success?

Whatever you do becomes a habit and habits can be hard to break.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit so the trick is to start doing something/one thing, every day, and after 21 days it will feel weird not to do it. It is your job to refuse to act in any other way that is different to the good habit you are trying to create.

What are the results in achieving success?

You may have not thought of this, but what do you think happens when you start doing things that move you closer to achieving your success? What do you think happens to your self esteem?

When you follow through with what you set out to do - don 't you think you strengthen your trust with yourself?

You will feel better about yourself
You will feel more confident
You will have more pride and
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Plan the day 's activities in advance. If you 're not used to planning then start simple. The night before, write down five things that you want to accomplish the next day. Then the next day mark them off as you do them - this is basic self discipline. It 's also forming new good habits and tracking progress.

Resolve to be willing to pay the price. Take action and do it, and

Finally, reward yourself for self discipline accomplishments but make sure you chose rewards that help you move forward, not go backwards. Eg if you are trying to lose weight, don 't make food your reward.
Final tips:

I will leave with you some final tips that have helped me and many of my students improve self discipline:

Model people who are already successful in the field you want to be successful in
Be a lifelong student of your craft - you can only get better. Don 't fall into the trap of believing that you already know everything because "you really don 't know what you don 't know"
Put a plan of action in place to address temptations when they creep in, because they will always creep in and test you
Draw on your successes. Think about what you have achieved before to remind yourself how capable you are so that you don 't lose your steam
Put it in writing, and
Take time to reflect daily. This is not a set and forget exercise

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