Self Discovery In Edward Scissorhands

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In the film Edward Scissorhands the relationships that Edward has between both Peg and Kim convey the themes of love and self discovery. Although the love theme is different for each female. These ideas are demonstrated through visual/film conventions .With the characters Edward and Peg we see a loving relationship between the two. Peg acts almost like a mother figure towards Edward when she takes him into her home and life. Like a mother would love her son, that is what Peg felt for Edward even though he was not her own. She felt sympathy for him which soon of time turned into love.In the first scenes of Edward and Peg being together you can quickly see an instant connection form. Through the use of audio convention, Peg speaks to Edward in a calm, loving manner. An example of love through a technical code when the camera is at a close up of Edward smiling at Peg for being so welcoming to him despite being a complete stranger and having the appearance of an evil person. Another relationship that explores love is the relationship between Edward and Kim. Neither of are confident with each other an are mostly scared of what people will think if they are both together. an example of love between the two is when Edward first sees a picture of Kim and is instantly attracted. The camera shows a close up of Edward smiling as he stares to deeply into the photo of Kim. However the feeling of love came later in the end from Kim for Edward. As she…show more content…
she then lies to the community to protect him saying “he’s dead, both him and Jim fought each other to death” in order for the people to leave him alone and not kill him for killing Jim. their tragic love story then ends with them never seeing each other again after that night as Edward is locked away in his castle. thus the themes of love and self discovery are found in the relationships of Edward, Peg and Kim in which are shown through the film
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