Self Discovery In The Outsiders

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Have you ever noticed how teenagers go through different pases? For example, the “I hate my parents” phase, the “everything is the worst” phase, or random, sudden obsesssions. Why is it that they seem to re - invent themselves all the time? Why is it specifically during this period of their life? This is self discovery. Self discovery is a major part of growing up, yet it can be difficult at times. The characters of S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” experience self discovery through growing up in a divided and harsh environment, which is what makes this story so unique and captivating. The first event that showcases the characters discovering more about themselves was when Johnny and Ponyboy are in a deep conversation about their friend group when Jonny says, “ Yeah, I guess we’re different,” (Hinton 78). By “we” he was referring to himself and Ponyboy, comparing…show more content…
During their conversation, Randy says, “I’m sick of all this. Sick and tired,” (Hinton 116). By “all this” Randy means all the fighting and hatred between the Socs and Greasers. This conversation was very important to the story because it was one of the first times a Soc went up to a Greaser and they attempted to understand each other. Randy wanted peace, which was something hardly and Socs seemed to want. One would think, “How would this relate to self discovery?” Well, in this environment, the kids and teenagers have to act grown - up often, so it doesn’t leave much time for actual learning and maturing. This was the case for Randy, and not until is late teen years did he discover that he didn’t even want to fight. He went with whatever everyone else wanted, but didn’t make time to think about himself. This would be self discovery because Randy is now discovering about himself, and what he needs. It seems to be the time that Randy wants to re - invent
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