Self-Driving And Ethical Dilemmas

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There are about 260 million cars on the road today. As a result of so many people driving, the chance of accidents increase and every year about 1 million people die from car related accidents. However, most of these accidents could have been prevented, because around 81% of these accidents are caused by human error. These errors could one day be eliminated, when people start to use self-driving cars, because there will be no need for human input when using the car. Self-driving cars, are a vehicle that can navigate its environment without the use of a human. Currently, about 33 companies are working to get self-driving cars into production because they believe that they can help revolutionize the world for it will make driving safer. Some of these companies include Tesla, Google, and BMW. Using self-driving cars come with many benefits such as limiting human error, less traffic congestion and less fuel consumption. Unfortunately, with having these benefits, there are also some possible costs to having self driving cars such as cyber security and ethical dilemmas.
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