Essay On Self-Driving Cars

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INTRODUCTION/HISTORY 33561, that is the number of road related fatalities that have occurred in the United States in the year 2012 alone. This number pales in comparison to that of China’s, its numbers coming in at a chilling 275983 fatalities. The worldwide trend of road fatalities is growing at an extremely rapid rate, this places pressure on companies and governments to come up with a solution to slow down the rate of fatalities and potentially even one day end all road fatalities. Ask any person and they would most likely tell you the reason behind such high numbers of road accidents is simply: bad drivers. These people are not wrong, humans are not perfect creatures, putting us in a fast moving object is bound to cause problems sooner or later. Often is the case where these problems turn out to be fatal. So the clear answer to solving these issues is to remove the human element, without humans roads would be a safer place. At least that is the concept behind driver-less or self-driving cars. Google is one of the companies leading the charge against this problem. On December 23rd, Google revealed the first fully functional prototype model of its driverless car (seen in picture) after months and months of tireless tests, experiments, and prototype models. This fully functioning…show more content…
Throughout history, cars and other vehicles have always been operated manually at the hands of trained and coherent individuals. Making such a shift of change into a world where cars drive themselves without any human control might be shocking to many. But there are many social improvements that can come from having a driverless car. For one, people with medical issues that have been constrained to home and will never drive again can now have a chance of “driving” once again. Disabled people will also have an opportunity to once again be back in a car by
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