Disabled People: Transportation For Disabled People

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Transportation for disabled people:
This is one of the useful benefits of the self-driving car. It helps the disabled people to travel from one place to another without any difficulties. It is programmed in such a way that it just needs the destination. After the destination is selected by the user the car drives itself with all the safety. This can be actually helpful for the elderly and disabled people to provide a crucial mobility. Likewise, the disabled people can be more productive and display their capabilities as transportation had been one of the major problems for them.

Save fuel:
Additionally, the self-driving car helps to save fuel and money. The constant the speed the more gas we save. If there are more self-driving car, then the
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Furthermore, people will have free time, which will make them fresh and energized.

A decrease in Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion is caused by the selfish behavior of the drivers. A self-driving car can help decrease the traffic congestion as it designed in such a way that it would let another driver pass when it needs which will help to circulate the traffic smoothly.

Drawbacks of a self-driving car:
Although self-driving cars have different benefits, there are still some drawbacks of these cars which people should keep in their mind.
Inside the self-driving car, it is stuffed with different sensors, camera and different another technical thing that can make this car expensive when it first comes out. This is also a new technology, and people can take a lot of advantages from this type of car so it may be priced higher than the normal cars.
Technology error:
Since a self-driving car is made with a different programmed algorithm, so there is always a potential for some unexpected glitch to emerge. The car may work without any problem at first, but later as the new updates roll out it may bring some bugs which will cause the car to dysfunction.
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Although there are different benefits of driverless cars if the research is not done correctly while constructing this type of car, it can end up costing thousands of dollars. There are different prototypes of these driverless cars, but it has not yet officially been released. However, various companies are trying their best to bring this car in the reality. The benefits like reduction of accidents, productive time while driving, etc. of an autonomous car is one of the biggest factors that the companies like Google, Tesla, BMW, Toyota, etc. are trying to
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