Should Self Driving Cars Be Banned

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Self driving this self driving that. Driverless cars are the next hot topic all around the world, everyone loves them and everyone wants one. Yes they are cool and fancy and they are safe… oh wait I don 't think so people don 't know how unsafe they actually are, thats why im here. The self driving car is being talked about everywhere you go. Everyone thinks they are the best invention. There is one thing they didn 't think about, the safety. There are hackers that can control your car, there is job losses and with all of the technology you are bound to have a malfunction. Self driving cars are bad because of hacking, accidents due to malfunctions and people losing their jobs to robots.

First off self driving cars are bad because of people
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Millions and millions of jobs will be lost due to self driving vehicles pizza places businesses they will all use driverless vehicles they save more money in the long run. People losing jobs is not good because then I lose money and if they lose money how are they going to serve the mouse food in our house. This is proving my claim because self driving cars aren’t good. This is proving my claim because self driving cars aren’t good. James Hoffa states in an article “experienced drivers play huge role in safety of heavy vehicles and that shouldn’t change”. Just imagine coming in the work one day and told that you were being replaced by a robot. People need work self driving cars don’t. A little under half the population of the world have drivers as a job just imagine all of them being lost that’s not good for the environment nor the pedestrians in the world there’s a lot of risks with self driving cars. James Hoffa states in an article” a heavy automated truck went the wrong way I’ll be a one-way”. That could have caused a lot of damage. Heavy trucks and buses people are needed for those if you have a self driving bus or have a heavy loaded vehicle driving by itself and something happens where is tweaked or it malfunctions that won’t be good and they will probably be a lawsuit coming your way plus the self driving cars way. People need their jobs and without jobs there’s no life poverty rate will go down rapidly especially if you have a stay at home mom and it will be really hard to find another job. James Hoffa states imagine 80,000 pound truck going past you in an intersection but there are no hands on the wheel what would you think about that?”. These are three reasons on my claim that self driving cars should be banned because of Jobs being lost and the poverty rates. Yet again no one should have to lose her job to a robot and people are fine driving in cars there

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