Self-Driving Cars Communication

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From an engineering perspective, arguably the most important aspect of self-driving cars is their ability to communicate with each other. To create a communication network, which encompasses all self-driving cars, would solve the vast majority of issues on the road today, two of which include traffic and vehicle accidents. The biggest cause of traffic is human reaction time, the best way to lower reaction time is to get rid of it all together. A "roadwide" communication network would allow every car to move in perfect unison with each other. Speed limits, road signs, and traffic signals would all become obsolete. For example twenty cars sitting at a traffic light in Pittsburgh are driven by human drivers with a half second reaction time, while…show more content…
"Roadwide" communication would allow every car to individually calculate the correct speed and direction to travel through a four way intersection without stopping at all, no traffic lights needed (CGPGrey). Also, "roadwide" communication could save lives. If every car communicated with each other, no cars would run into each other. In this scenario the only reason two cars would ever collide would be an unpreventable factor, like poor weather. "Roadwide" communication also has law enforcement capabilities. Law enforcement could use the system to prohibit self-driving vehicles from exceeding hazardous speeds or partaking in criminal activities, a getaway driver needs a getaway car does he not? In summary, a "roadwide" communication system between cars would decrease traffic, vehicle accident rates, and would make manual law enforcement obsolete. The communication system could first be applied to a small network of roads in Pittsburgh, which could be expanded as the number of self-driving cars increases until the majority of cars are self-driven. Then the system would become road
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