Self Driving Cars

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Lincoln bought a new self-driving car and decided to test out on the main roads. Once on the road, he takes a quick glance at his phone realizing his best friend texted him about the math homework. While looking at his phone he passes a sign that says caution bumpy road ahead. Little did Lincoln know that self-driving cars cannot operate on jarring roads. Seconds before the encounter Lincoln looked up only to realize it was too late. His car had malfunctioned and hit several cars before coming to a stop. Lincoln was rushed to the hospital. Whether or not self-driving cars should be allowed has been a debatable topic all around the United States. Many support the fact that these vehicles will be great, while others think that having those vehicles…show more content…
Many people do not consider the fact that jobs such as taxi-driving could be completely idle or the fact that many accidents can still occur. Jamie Lincoln Kitman, who is the author of the article, “Let’s Put The Brakes on Driverless Cars,” (document B) elaborates on how having driverless vehicles can risk the freight transportation and taxi drivers, which could have a big impact on the economy. What Jamie said is right. Thousands would be looking for new jobs that most of them do not have any experience on. Imagine a parent coming home to tell his or her child that he or she is unemployed. Emily Duff Bartel is the author of the article, “Driverless Cars- the ride of the future,” (document A) writes about how the computers on the vehicles can help these cars become safer, driving time will be reduced by allowing faster speed limits on the roads. While this is true, the faster the cars go the more likely of a malfunction which can lead to a catastrophic calamity. The incident would probably involve many more cars and can risk the lives of many, which could hurt thousands of people. Therefore allowing driverless vehicles on the roads is not a good idea because thousands would…show more content…
When thinking about self-driving cars people tend to think they can drive perfectly and smoothly at all times. However, that statement is not true. In document B, Jamie writes, “In fact, heavy rain can do serious damage to the laser sensor mounted on the car’s roof, calling to question what role the driver might have to play in the event the technology fails.” To elaborate, many types of weather could result in a failure of the piece of technology. Image a young man late for his interview and rushes inside of his self-driving vehicle. The man, however, does not know it will rain and once it does his car will most likely crash into another due to the sensors failing. Jamie also explains that the driverless cars must have a smooth road with clearly painted lanes. So, jarring roads can lead to the death of a person in a self-driving car. In fact, some roads do not even have lanes that are painted! In conclusion, many people who would be in driverless cars could be hurt by the weather or the road
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