Argumentative Essay On Self-Driving Cars

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The technology that we have today is unbelievable compared to what the companies had when we first started to make cars. We all know that our future is getting more and more advanced, and we will possibly have these self driving cars within the next ten years. Overall, we need to prepare ourselves for the next generation of cars. This research paper is written to explain safety, pollution, and time that will be saved with the use of self driving cars. The companies today that are attempting to make self driving cars have had a huge success and this is a good thing because they have found that if the road is occupied only by self driving cars then it would be safer in a number of ways. One reason stated in the article “ The 3 biggest ways self- driving cars will improve our lives,” by Cadie Thompson, is that “ if 90% of cars were autonomous, the number of accidents would fall from 6 million a year to 1.3 million a year.” This would be a drastic change, and would help save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Also in the article titled “3 reasons you should embrace self driving cars,” by Drew Hendricks, it says that “ there’s no emotion involved, and certainly no distractions.” This means that all distractions…show more content…
According to Cadie Thompsons article, “ commuters worldwide could save a combined 1 billion hours everyday once autonomous cars go mainstream.” This is big for people that have a job, and are always busy. With this we could read, look at your phone, and do so many more things without driving dangerously. In the article titled “ Ten ways that driverless cars will change the world,” by Matthew Sparkes, it says that “ people would be able to work or do other activities behind the wheel while the car is driving itself.” This is big because a lot of people around the world are pressed for time everyday for multiple reasons, and this would help them manage their time
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