Self Driving Cons

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Self-driving cars could be the new society-shifting invention in the future. While there are many pros and cons for this new driverless car, I believe that the pros overweights the cons. Therefore, I do support the use of this technology in our community. Although self-driving cars are going to be sharing the road with regular cars, making things more dangerous and combing the fact that the technology still has improvements to be made, the self-driving car will eventually be safer, will help to ease traffic congestion, and will provide reliable transportation to those who can not drive a normal car. According to the article, "PRO/CON: Self-driving cars could take over the road in the near future article", if the community use self-driving…show more content…
Furthermore, those who are disabled or is unable to drive a normal car can greatly empower from the self-driving car. To demonstrate, in the article, "Man who is blind 'drives ' around town in Google 's new driverless car", Steve Mahan, a legally blind man traveled around Austin, Texas by himself with a Goggle self-driving car. Mahan said in the article, "I had the greatest time driving around a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. It was so much fun ... and I was in good hands, perfectly safe." Traveling around Austin, Texas in a self-driving car made Mahan realize how incredible the self-driving car is. In the United States, about 56.7 million people have some sort of disability and more than half of them report that the disability is severe. The self-driving cars will change the life prospects of people who are blind, have disabilities, and those who are unlicensed. Specifically, 39 million people are blind and 246 million people have low vision. This can greatly affect their daily life and the activities they do. Especially when it comes to driving, one of the most difficult challenges for people with vision loss is finding a reliable and safe transportation. Thus, the self-driving cars will become an important technology in their lives that will get them to places more effectively and more efficiently than
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