Mechanism Of Self Driving Car Essay

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Mechanism of how a self-driving car works:
Self-driving car consists of different mechanisms. All these mechanisms are combined to form a self-driving car. To know how actually this car works there were many research conducted. There are different types of devices that are attached like the sensors, laser rangefinders, camera, GPS, radars and many more. According to the research the mechanism behind the self-driving cars is:
Figure 1 Mechanism of self-driving car

Mapping the surrounding using computer’s vision:
Before doing anything these types of car maps the surrounding and saves it in the memory. For this process the car utilizes laser rangefinders and camera to build the map of the surrounding. Rayej has stated that, “A laser rangefinder scans the environment using swaths of laser beams and calculates the distance to nearby objects by measuring the time it takes for each laser beam to travel to the object and back.” This means
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The main cause of accidents is alcohol, drugs, speeding, aggressive driving, over-compensation, lack of experience, slow reaction time of the driver and distracted driving. Since, self-driving car is a programmed car so it doesn’t affect any of the condition unless software issues. According to the statistics, 40% of the accidents is caused by alcohol and drugs itself. Lyndon states that, “The Eno Center for Transportation found that if ten percent of all cars were self-driving, as many as 211,000 accidents would be prevented annually. Some 1,100 lives would be preserved, and the economic costs of automobile accidents would be reduced by more than $20 billion.” This means that even if 10% of the car is replaced by self-driving car, it can save many accidents from happening. From the figure 2, we can see the comparison of accident caused by a normal car and a self-driving car. Accordingly, the accident caused by the car drove by people are 23% more than of that self-driving
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