Self Efficacy In Literature Review

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Graduate School of Business Administration. University of Washington, “Self-efficacy: Implications for Organizational Behavior and Huaman Resource Management.” December 1994. Vol: 12, No.3, 472-483.
This review reviews the article “Self-efficacy: Implications for Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.” The review will begin by giving a summary of the original research study, and then discuss the structure of the article. The review will further review the presentation and unfolding of main ideas in the study, while mentioning different critique aspects in the article.
Article summary
The study seeks to review the concept of self-efficacy and then explore its theoretical and practical implications for organizational behavior and Human Resource Management. The study suggests the fact that self-belief according to Brief and Aldag (1981) play a role in task performance. The study equally suggests that, self-belief predicts motivation and task performance in organizational settings. All of these correlation studies indicate a need for more detailed examination of self-efficacy and the link between it and task performance in an organization. The article has no major conclusion but the idea proposed by the study is that; in as much as the concept of self-efficacy will be supported in an organization, further research is still needed to determine the extent to which self-efficacy is relevant in Human Resource Management.
Article structure

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