Self Efficacy In Nursing

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The Effect of Educational Intervention On psychiatric Nurses ' Self -awareness and Self-efficacy Faten Hasan Alam Psychiatric Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt Abstract Background: Self-efficacy could be a key part of a nurse 's competency or ability, therefore, a nurse who lacks a precise understanding of these competencies puts self and others in danger and without self-awareness, nurses are unable to display empathy with others. The aim of the study was to promote self-awareness and self-efficacy for psychiatric nurses. Design: A quasi-experimental design was used to conduct the current study (pretest -posttest). The study was completed in Outpatient Clinics and inpatient department…show more content…
Self-efficacy is the confidence in one 's capacity to take activities to deal with a future circumstance (Stump, Husman, Brem, 2012). Self-efficacy has grounded in social learning theory in people, which have fundamental, essential drives (e.g. hunger and thirst) and secondary drives (e.g. rewarded or reinforced behaviors. Self-efficacy is among the optional drives. (Kitching, Cassidy, Eachus, Hogg, 2011) Significance of the study To keep up the significance of self-awareness in the nursing profession (Scheick ,2011) pretend that Nursing students and nurses convey minding to their injured patients as well as on occasion their own uncertain individual stress. Particularly without mindful awareness, projection of the nurse 's unacknowledged enthusiastic encumbrances (counter-transference) debilitates the adequacy of nurse-client…show more content…
2- Self- Efficacy Scale (SES) This tool was developed by Abul-hussein (2010) It was created to evaluate the standard experience of perceived self- efficacy with the purpose, to predict coping with daily conflicts as well as adaptation after exposure to traumatic life events. Self -efficacy scale has 22 items respond on a 3-point Likert-type scale with ratings that may be as Good ( 63 – 84 ), as Moderate ( 42 0.05 was considered statistically non-significant - P value of Brien, L. (2000).Nurse- client relationships: the experience of community psychiatric nurses. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing,9:184-194. [30] Scanlon ,A.( 2006). Psychiatric nurses perceptions of the constituents of

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