Self Empowerment Theme

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Defining Theme of our Age Essay Contest:
Many people wonder what the theme of the 21st century should be; some say technology, others say poverty, but in my opinion, all events direct us that the theme of the 21st century should be self-empowerment. During the 21st century, we have seen how people have changed and started to live freely and equally to others without fearing to be themselves, with the years, we have been able to finally break most typical stereotypes, allowing people to believe in themselves and in their own power.The examples of inequalities and injustices in our past society, have helped us shape and mold the century we live in today. Thankfully now, we all have the opportunity to go outside our socioeconomic
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In the past, african-american and hispanics used to be segregated and did not receive the same education nor opportunities as white people, that made us doubt on ourselves and in our potential, but in this self image changer century all citizens have the right to enjoy equal education and opportunities to reach our maximum potential, it does not matter your race or color, we all have the same opportunities of education in this era to actually live our dreams; this self-empowerment era has helped us grow and learn about our own self- worth, it has motivates us into preparing for our future; this changing century has most importantly awaken us, by giving us the most precious tool for our future, which is self-empowerment, it has helped us step forward and take control of our destiny and life, because one of the most popular beliefs in this twenty-first century is that if you believe and understand that you can control what happens to you and to your life, you have taken one of the biggest steps to self-determination and domination of your life and the path you choose to set for…show more content…
The twenty-first century has enabled us to understand the real value of our true self. This time changing century has marked the difference by letting us believe ourselves to reach our dreams, we now enjoy the same opportunities no matter of our ethnicity, we have the liberty to be our true selves without feeling judged and most importantly, everyone can benefit from the same

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