Self Esteem Concept Essay

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The concept of self-esteem has been explained in several ways; all of which mention the self-evaluation of worth, value or importance. Self-esteem determines who the individual is, what he is capable of and what he can become. High self-esteem is not only viewed as a component of mental health, but also a factor that affects health and social behavior. Self-esteem is an assumed response to various events in one’s life and interventions such as treatment. Changes in one’s lifestyle and life, as a whole is a step closer to one’s ideal image of one’s self are thought to increase one’s self-esteem [1]. Thus, self-esteem plays an important role in an individual’s perception of oneself, health and lifestyle practices which includes addiction. Currently,…show more content…
Other definitions would include that self-esteem acts like an insulator against stress [4] or it could refer to how we feel about ourselves and this could either be positive (high self-esteem) and negative (low self-esteem). Several factors can affect self-esteem such as satisfaction in our various relationships, performances, and appearance [5]. It was found out that high self-esteem could be a factor for a healthy life, which is associated with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is to be inter-correlated with emotional maturity where an individual is able to respond to uncertainties and varying environments in the most appropriate way [6]. However, people with low self-esteem usually rely on their present situation to determine their current feeling or outlook in their selves. These people need to have good external experiences to combat any negative feelings and thoughts that they have [7]. A key factor for an individual is to have a good self-esteem level that even current studies admit that this can be a sign of being able to resist the pressure from their social environment such as facing and resisting the use of substances of abuse
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