Ideal Body Image Analysis

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In today’s world it seems to be that society influences his or her own perspectives on what type of body image someone should portray. This is especially the case for women all over the world. I agree that society should not be permitted to set certain physique standards for women, making them feel compelled to fulfill them in order to feel “accepted” amongst each other. As a result, women suffer from low self-esteem, from feeling unattractive, and from dissatisfaction with how their body image looks likes to society. As we all know already the issue with body image has spread to every woman in today society. Stated within the article “Searching Out the Ideal: Awareness of Ideal Body Standards Predicts Lower Global Self-esteem in Women” was, …show more content…

Nevertheless, we live in a society where thinness is highly valued but come with greatly consequences such as suffering from low self-esteem. The ideal standards of perfection and beauty are to hold a thin body image in order to avoid this overpowering illness; low self-esteem in females. In the article “Searching Out the Ideal: Awareness of Ideal Body Standards Predicts Lower Global Self-esteem in Women” the main focus is to apprise the audience of the awareness women carry mentally to get the thin ideal body image women are supposed to have. Low self –esteem cause women not to love or care about themselves. If you can’t love your own self no one will even with illusion of achieving the perfect body your left unhappy. Also, many women encounter certain illness common by women who are victims from low self-esteem due to body image. Such illness consists of anorexia, , and even bulimia. Anorexia is an eating disorder women have in order to not gain weight so they can look thin, just like how society wants them to be. Bulimia is another eating disorder that is made up of binge eating which means that the individuals vomit the calories they consumed to avoid weight gain. Society has no clue on how much many women may suffer due to dissatisfaction in their own body. The major fear a woman faces is the fear to gain weight that leads to a distorted body …show more content…

There is no doubt at all that society is the number one responsible for women feeling unhappy with their body image. Society are the ones to blame for making women believe that their own thoughts of the ideal body for women is the only way to go to feel valued and accepted. Why try so hard to be perfect if even the models themselves don’t look like themselves. You don’t need to look like anyone else. In the academic journal “Media Effects on Body Image: Examining Media Exposure in the Broader Context of Internal and Other Social Factors” by Kristen E. Van Vonderen and William Kinnally states “Therefore, some women may see their body shape and weight as a sort of “measuring stick” of social value”. The NEDA Ad is from the book “Dialogues: An Argument rhetoric and reader” which was a required reading focusing on “Gender Matters”. In this ad it demonstrated how many women suffer from self-conscious and insecurity due to high expectation from society views on perfection. We can conclude society gives out a negative atmosphere to women to pursue a ridiculous body goal, when society themselves are far from their own body image

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