Reflection On Job Interviews

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Self-evaluation - Job Interviews (interviewer and interviewee)

1. How long did you spend preparing for this interview?
I spent about three hours of preparing including searching, speaking and memorizing.

2. Was it sufficient?
It was not sufficient and I realized during the interview that I had to practice to think on my feet and speak extemporaneously. Moreover, I did not really spend much time on searching for the interview questions; I cannot say I was well prepared for the interview.

3. Is there anything you would do differently next time?
The biggest mistake I made was that I practiced the interview alone. I will practice the interview with someone who can coach me in a real situation so I could improve on my speaking abilities.
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What are the three most important learning points to take away with you from this exercise?
Engagement with the audience is important for effective presentation
Body language and facial expression are required so that others will feel my enthusiasm and be interested in what I present.
Writing the full script is helpful in practicing the presentation.

EBC: Self-Evaluation – Negotiations

1. How long did you spend preparing for this negotiation?
I did not spend time on the negotiation since I did not know what and how to prepare.

2. Was it sufficient?
No, I did not know what to prepare for the negotiation. I thought that would work automatically when I face with the situation. However, that did not work and I could not say many things during the negotiation.

3. Is there anything you would do differently next time?
I will read the reader script before the lesson and prepare some tactics that could be used during the negotiation next time.

4. If you were working in a Team what was your agreed plan if you had one?
We decided to use highball tactics during the negotiation.

5. Was it successful?
No, it was not successful since the other team used the highball tactics first and they suggested ridiculous price. We were so surprised and became speechless for a

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