Self Expression In Sonny's Blues

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Even though one knows what they want to communicate-they still have problems getting it out. Throughout the story of Sonny’s Blues, it shows that people should learn to express themselves clearly or befall many difficulties in their life. This can relate to the reader 's own experiences of trying to express themselves and having difficulties when they cannot. This can be shown through Sonny 's youth as a teen when he tries to explain himself. This is also shown through the brother 's actions between one another. Throughout the story it reveals how self-expression is difficult for people and can lead to trouble and/or miscommunication which can cause problems. Such as misunderstanding when someone wants to say something. Self-expression is an important theme throughout Sonny’s Blues because it can relate to the audience difficulty trying to express them. For example on pages 51 to 53, Sonny and the narrator are trying to talk about Sonny’s future. On page 53, Sonny explains that he wants to join the army in order to get out of Harlem. He doesn’t know why but he later figures out that it was because he was afraid of falling into bad habits like drugs. This relates to the audience because many people do not want to continue to . They are in a rut and need something to get them out of it. I sometimes feel this same way when I am stuck inside the house too much I might start to binge eat or something. Another example on how self-expression in Sonny’s Blues relates to the
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