Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Essay

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Self-fulfilling prophecy is an expectation that helps bring about what it predicts (Brym and Lie 2015: 61). Expectations of students life’s are given in the school environment through self-fulfilling prophecy. Teachers who set high goals for students make them aim for higher goals in the future. But when expectations are low, student’s goals for the future are low. Therefore, expectations affect a student’s performance leading to students questioning themselves. Furthermore, the article “The Impact of Teachers’ expectations on Students’ Educational Opportunities in the Life Course: An Empirical Test of a Subjective Expected Utility Explanation” by Dominik Becker is about the self-fulfilling prophecy and how inequality is a concern for educational…show more content…
The probability of success for a student relies on their desired and belief as it is their expected probability (Dominik Becker 2013). There is a difference between students’ realistic aspirations and subjective expected probability of the completion of academic success (Domink Becker 2013:456). Nevertheless, self-fulfilling prophecies and the classroom socioeconomic affect student educational transitions as found in this article. Although the cost of the undertaking, examines the value from benefits in order to display that the cost of the undertaking is greater than the benefits according to Becker (2013). In order to understand self-fulfilling prophecy, Becker suggests other variables should be considered instead of observing the grades of students or the number of years a teacher has taught. In concluding teachers, Becker predicts student success on academic achievement instead of motivation, which could stop a student from achieving goals. Although many students have motivation which can lead to academic achievement, but when lower grade students receive discouragement to succeed in academics because their grades are low is a false
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