Self Fulfilling Stereotypes Analysis

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In the article “Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes” by Mark Snyder, the various researchers help construct evidence of stereotypes in our society. Theses stereotypes affect both men and women as well as various racial stereotypes. For example, Snyder mentions that college students of the opposites sex were to have a phone conversation with one another. Each of the men were given a picture of the women they were supposedly talking to. When some of the men received a photo of an unattractive female, they predicted they would be awkward, unsociable, and boring (Snyder 543). On the other hand, when some of the men received pictures of an attractive female, they predicted that they would be sociable, humorous, and nice (Snyder 543). These types of stereotypes are something that I think we all suffer with. These “ideal images” or “beauty image” is installed in most of us at a young age. Whether it’s from a movie, social media, or magazines.…show more content…
According to society, women must be submissive to men in order to keep a relationship. Women and wives were expected to play the role of a “good wife” while looking the part. According to Module 6 a good wife was required to touch up her makeup, put a ribbon on her head, and act happy (p.6). Not only are women to be submissive, but we also have to take on the role of looking beautiful and innocent to be likable and accepted by men and other women. I’ve met a considerable amount of people in my life and not a single one of them upholds to this image of beauty. Additionally, this assumption and stereotype that women are required to look like is unlikely. After all, there are many women who pull off the “masculine image” rather than the “feminine image”. Therefore, we should all work towards deconstructing this impossible “beauty image”. One way we could work towards that is not to idolize “perfect women” who apparently uphold the beauty standards to prevent this image from spreading to future
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