Self-Guided Education In Frankenstein

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In the quote from “Education in Frankenstein” by Hillary Englert it describes the character development of Victor, Walton, and the Monster which she believes is due to a self-guided education and passion for knowledge. Englert’s quote provides insight to the principles of the character’s development each with a different way of implementing their intellectual curiosities for their personal self-fulfillment. Each character desires to explore new ideas, seek pleasure from knowledge, and in their limitless imagination each of our archetypes the freedom to think, interpret, and explore what impassions them. First example is Victor who’s passion for knowledge is evident in a simile which captures the essence of his character when he says “Of…show more content…
However, Victor did not feel compelled to nurture thus his quote highlights his desire to “shake off all thought and feeling” (Shelley 102). In the case of Walton, his self-guided education is provoked by a sense of curiosity and adventure after reading letters and book about voyages in his Uncle Thomas’s library. Without a formal education, Walton becomes a pleasure seeker and regards himself with high esteem, impassioned by a sense of adventure. Walton goes on expeditions to the North Sea with the idea to reach a place where no other man has stepped. In a quote Walton says “But success shall crown my endeavors” (Shelley 7) and this quote fulfills Englert’s accusation of being self-governed and his desire for boundless grandeur of reaching a place where no other man stepped. Again, Englert distinguishes an informal education as being the primary catalyst to accomplish his goal of self- fulfillment rather than responsibility. Last, the monster fulfills Englert’s assertion of a “passionate intellectual curiosity” since the monster is completely unhindered by any formal education. When the monster finds some books, it opens a new world of thinking expressing his emotions when he says, “I can hardly describe to you the
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