Self Handicapping Case Study

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Introduction As prerequisite to my assignment, I was required to do a research project on any topic in Social Psychology.I choose to investigate on self-handicapping and I prepared 10 questioners scale and a short case study to be given to some sudents.I did the study on this particular topic because I was interested in knowing more about self-handicapping and what cause people to actually do self-handicapping in their daily life. It is also because in this modern world now, majority of people are frequently using self-handicapping in their daily life so it is important for us to know that it is not good to use self-handicapping because it may lead to many disadvantages and we might get too addicted in using self-handicapping. This study…show more content…
It can also be defined as one effort to influence the perception of others about a person, event and even an object. They want people to see them as they want to be seen .For example, one who is going for a job interview will tend to dress more professionally and use their best outfit instead of the normal and the casual outfits they usually wear. They will actually make an effort to do their hair and dress properly especially the girls in order to impress the people who is in charge of the job interview. During the interview, they will try to talk positively and boost about themselves and tend to hide their weakness just to impress the people who are in charge of the job interview. So this is what called as Impression…show more content…
The one who is not confident in their abilities, get embarrassed easily and scared of failures are the ones who usually use self-handicapping strategy. They will tend to blame it on others or make up excuses. There are two types of self-handicapping which are behavioural self-handicapping and reported self-handicapping. Behavioural self-handicapping is a physical action and it’s a process a where one tend to create obstacle around them to reduce the likelihood of them in successing in certain task so when they fail or do poorly in certain task, they can blame it on the obstacles that was created by them rather than on their lack of ability. For example, Damon is really weak in additional mathematics subject and he has finals tomorrow. So instead of studying for his finals, he decided to go for late night show. So if he did poorly in the exam tomorrow, he will blame it that he didn’t get enough sleep last night that is why he couldn’t do well in the exam. Reported self-handicapping can be defined as the process in which one try to make excuses in case they fail. For an example, Lydia is having a presentation tomorrow and she is scared that she will mess it up.Therefore,she decided to inform her classmates that she is not feeling well so if

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