Self Harm Effect

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Cause of Self Harm
By: Maddy P.

Dawn was a middle/high school student. She showed that she had a perfect life, but at the age of 17 her secret got out. Dawn had been prating self harming without anyone knowing. She said she had felt alone and unhappy. Eight years ago her secret got out and Dawn got help, she is now 25 years old and living a happy life. She now knows she suffers from a bipolar disorder and now maintains it. This is just one out of many stories of people who self harm and they do end up getting the help they need. A survey at Massabesic Middle School on team Penobscot was done for showing how many normal everyday students know someone who has/had self harmed and what they did for that person. Twenty-one people took this survey;
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Demi did an interview with Self a magazine company about her rehab visit and why she did what she did. “I cut myself to take my mind off of everything going on in my life. I didn’t care what happened. I had no fear.” Demi had always had an anger issue, but she never knew why. There had been an incident where she had punched a back-up dancer of hers in the face. After rehab she had found that she had a bipolar disorder and an eating disorder. That was when Demi knew she needed help, she wasn’t self harming because she was depressed she was self harming because she didn’t know what she really had within her body. This goes for many teens they don’t know their full story of their health. Demi Lovato is now world famous and more of a role model to all girls/boys for helping them with self harm issues all the time. If more people read Lovato’s story and understand that not all people really know why this action occurs to them it could make the number of self harm go down. Although, Demi Lovato went through a hard time in her life she showed millions of people strength and that there is hope. She has gone through a lot within her life and she had all her fans by her side, now it is her time to be there for them. You may be surprised to find that in 2010, 13% of teens between the ages of 11-16 self harm. In 2014, almost 70% of teens between the ages of 10-14 self harm, this research were from Self Harm of the USA and UK. Four years is not really that long of a time, but the numbers increased tremendously each year. Many people say that people have the intention of dying when they self harm, but in fact this is not always true. Neuroscience has shown that teens self harm for the relief of pain, as we know this isn’t a good way of coping, but it’s the way they
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