Self Harm Effect In Society

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Self-harm is a frightening disorder that is becoming a much bigger problem in society today. Self-harm is a way for people to cope with the pain they are feeling. This can happen in many different ways including cutting, burning, breaking bones, pulling out hair, picking or scratching at the skin, and hitting oneself. Self-harm is known to occur on different parts of the body because the location all depends on the person. The issue of self-harm is becoming more and more known in the world. Many people get involved for multiple reasons, but still some reasons are unknown. There is not just one type of person that is involved in this tragedy. People that are involved with self-harm fluctuate from teens to adults, males to females, homosexual to heterosexual, it does not discriminate. When people inflict self-harm for the first time it can be addicting and something they go to when things goes wrong in their life. Individuals that are not able to cope with pain and emotions that they are feeling, are unable to resort to healthy ways of relieving the pain. In the reality of the world today, self-harm…show more content…
People who have suffered emotional pain have a higher chance of committing self-harm. People have emotional pain for many reasons like abuse, being mistreated, bad self-confidence, family problems, and many more. The reasons people with emotional pain turn to self-harm is to get away from the pain they are experiencing. They would rather feel physical pain instead of the emotional pain they are dealing with. When someone is dealing with emotional problems it causes them to have different feelings, which at times makes them look down on themselves. When someone struggles with emotional pain they often do not know how to be happy, so they pursue self-harm to try and relieve the pain they are having. They try to get rid of as much pain as they can because they want to be happy again (Suwanski

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