Self Help Group Study

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Self Help Groups (SHGs) are small voluntary associations of poor people, preferably from the same socio-economic background who come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self-help and mutual help .Self-help groups have become a good source to empower woman. It plays a vital role in the rural development and groups reduces the emphasis of the unorganized sector and develops individual skills of the community and members. At present SHGs are growing at rapid pace and helping woman to grow in the society which could improve their socio-economic conditions. The SHGs promotes small savings among its members. The savings are kept with a bank. This common fund
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• To study Role of SHGs in …………villages.
• To study SHGs done impact on women lives.

Anuradha Mankaraj (35 years old) belongs to a very poor family, and for a living she does agricultural day labor. But this work is not continuous and depends on the season. The amount earned by her and her husband was barely enough to cover their basic needs, and there was never any amount for them to save.
When asked about difficulties/distresses, especially financial, faced at household level, they mainly listed various reasons for which they require money,
1. Marrying off
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86%in rural areas and 78% overall sector,4% secondary sector, 18%from tertiary sector which revel the story and 7 / 8 % women continue to rely on primary sector and land ownership thus regulation in 56% engaged as agricultural laborers. SHGs have been formed under NABARD SHGs bank linkage and SGSY programs in Gaya District under various Governmental and Non-governmental Organization. SHGs offer immense potential as unites for promotion of livelihood activities of
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