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Equal opportunity and full sharing of all women in local development activities are extremely important for an integrated or neo-endogenous approach to rural development. Social networks, local customs and cultural values (all essential resources for local development), are often best preserved by women in rural areas. Though, these resources can only be utilized for local development, if the involved other counter-parts are included and fully participating in the development process. Self Help Group: An SHG is an informal association of 10 to 20 women belonging to the same village and sharing a common socio-economic background. The group enables its members to gain their identity as individuals, while realizing – and utilizing – the immense…show more content…
Flow of funds generates through various income generation activities based on the nature, feature, aim and area of SHGs and regular savings done by office bearers of the group. SHGs are neither charity group nor based on community based groups. They are formed by the people affected and they do not associate voluntarily. Though the work done/activities carried out by group members are unpaid but income generating and as per their roles, responsibilities each member perform their duty mutually. SHG is a people’s scheme and its organization is a significant step towards empowering women. SHGs gain importance from the human resource development point of view because self-help group approach is emerging as a new medium that effectively promoting well-being of the poor, especially rural…show more content…
SHGs have not only produced tangible assets and improved 60 living conditions of the members but also helped in changing much of their social outlook and attitudes. In the study area SHGs have served the cause of women empowerment, social solidarity and socio-economic betterment of the poor. In all stages of economic and social activities, involvement of women becomes essential. SHGs have encouraged women to take active part in the socioeconomic progress of our nation. The impact of participation on social front could be assessed mainly in improvement of level of equality of life, health, standard of living. Women once considered "non-productive and non asset worthy" are now regarded as "agent of change and economic development" by participating in

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