Self-Identity And Self Identity In Ralph Ellison's Battle Royal

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It is generally a struggle to fit in, to be accepted. It is common to find one hiding behind who others think is correct, as opposed to whom one really is. (TAG) In the short story, “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison, (thesis) the concept of racism and its effects on self-identity and self-acceptance is shown throughout the story with the use of structure. By having the views of others forced upon one, it ultimately becomes one’s own beliefs and perception. In the story,(point) the narrator uses developmental structure to aid in the presentation of the theme. The narrator tells the story using flashback to approximately twenty years prior. By using flashback the reader is able to understand the views and the position of the narrator in the current time, to provide…show more content…
The narrator uses clear, short sentences to convey his message. Throughout the story there are simple, informally written sentences used. Sentences are short and describe factual accounts in the narrator’s life, “Everybody fought hysterically. It was complete anarchy. Everybody fought everybody else. No group fought together for long” (Ellison 5). In the preceding quote, the author’s use of visual structure demonstrates the informality and description of events. The event itself also describes the cruelty the narrator and the others endured. This shows the extent they were put through with clear, bold statements. By using this structure it sends a stronger message in addition to supporting how the racism and discrimination negatively affected how these men perceived themselves. The use of this in the story also aids in the use of the flashback as it describes events that have happened in the past. Rather than explaining and elaborating what had happened, the narrator states the events and the consequences which ultimately further support how these events led to the discovery of his
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