Self Identity In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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How is self identity displayed through the actions of a girl who undergoes many hardships in life? Jane Eyre is a classic novel by Charlotte Bronte that follows the life of Jane through her mind and interactions. One of the focal themes resonating amidst the novel is self identity, where Jane’s identity is molded by the experiences she has. Jane’s identity develops into that of a passionate fighter that refuses to accept injustice. Jane’s identity is strongly present in the areas of Gateshead, Lowood, and Thornfield. In review, the novel is a clear representation of the coming of identity that is crafted by interactions and experiences. As made known, the theme of self identity is exhibited throughout the novel, and it dictates the feeling of immersion one is granted by reading it. To begin with, Jane led a dissatisfactory life with the widow of her uncle, who, along with her three children, always belittled Jane and treated her like garbage. Jane finally takes a stand when she is pushed to the limit, and she shows the progress of her identity when she says, “quote.” (#) By saying this, Jane comes to terms with her identity by viewing herself as an unwavering soldier in the mire of hardships that she must combat. To expand, more traces of the rendering of Jane’s final identity are acquired through her education at Lowood, by not only her teachers, but the friends she made. Jane reaffirms her sense of identity by saying,…show more content…
Jane’s identity began in Gateshead because the treatment of her aunt caused her to become moral and independent. The identity grew through the duration of her stay at Lowood, and her passions and independence grew. Her identity peaked and reached finality with her rise, fall, and rise again at Thornfield. To end, identity is displayed through the determination of the individual that faces hardships and overcomes

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